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Good Afternoon,


Wanted to express our appreciation for D & L Pools and say thank you to all of the employees!  We are first time pool owners and had an awful experience with a previous pool company...I could go on and on!  A family friend recommended you and it has been a GREAT experience.  We are so glad we switcxhed to D & L.  It's nice to be with a company that genuinely cares about it's customers (which is hard to find anymore).


Toby has been coming out on a weekly basis and helping with testing/chemicals - he has been fantastic!  He helped us with the issues that the other pool company could not help us with.  The two gentleman at the Peoria store were SO helpful!  I needed a few things and they were right there to help and answered all of my questions.  They truly care about the customer!  Two more gentleman came out today to close our pool and did a terrific job.  Very professional and helpful.  I had some "new pool owner" questions and they answered them all with no hesitation.  Very friendly and cared about our pool needs. 


I look forward to working with you all next spring and thank you again!  We truly appreciate it.






   Thank you for the prompt repair to the cracks in our pool





To all the folks at D & L Pools -

  Many thanks for the terrific service and shared knowledge throughout the years. 





Thank you for providing wonderful customer service!  Throughout the season we depend on and value your professional advice for maintenance of our pool.  Also, we appreciate the employees who visit us in opening and closing our pool, their tackling the pool cover makes the task look easy. :) 


~ Gary & Janice



Thank you for all your help getting the pool up and running.  It is beautiful.  It really meant alot to us to have you come and help. 





Don & Leslie,

  I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how much I appreciated the EXCELLENT service we received from Toby the past couple of months.  Toby is very professional, extremely courteous, and listens attentively to his customers.  My new Standard Poodle puppy even looks forward to his weekly visits!  Thanks for employing such a talented young man.





Thanks for the good service and fair price.





Thank you for everything you did for me, I just didn't have time for closing and winterizing the pool.  You all did a great job!


Thanks again,




Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate my weekly visit with Toby.  I've learned more about pool chemistry in 4 weeks than in the 7 years we've had the pool. Very easy to talk to, professional but personal, and seems just as excited as we are when the pool is crystal clear.  You made and excellent choice when he became your pool chemistry guy.  Thanks.


~ Robert and Sue




Thank you so very much!  We truly appreciate how well you take care of us






Thank you so much for coming to the rescue of our panicked daughter while we were on vacation!  We greatly appreciate your immediate service on our hot tub! and on such a cold day!


Thanks again! ~ Brad, Dawn & Tawnee



Don and Leslie:
I have been meaning to send you a message to let you know how much I appreciated all your help this past season with our pool. Looking forward to next season and being able to use the pool more this next year. Everyone has been so professional!! Thanks Gail


Thanks to Brett for coming out and fixing my hot tub in this cold!



Thanks for all your help!!! Much appreciated.... Greg & Joan


Don & Leslie,

I would like to give you credit for the people you have working for you. They did an outstanding job & was very fun to be around. Quality is somehting that they expressed. These men deserve credit for the good reputation that D L would like the people of the ocmmunity to have of business. Once agian thanks for their hard work.



After less than acceptable service from other pool companies, I want to thank the D & L team for the great service. I appreciate the timely responses and professional employees. The guys are nice, not intimidating and obviously know what they are doing.
Jim called on you the summer of 2010, after he had been to other pool companies to find a way to clear the pool water. We lost over a month of swimming time, water so cloudy it was dangerous to get in and stopped us from having the usual parties. Don came to our home to evaluate the situation. We were impressed because he didn’t just sell us chemicals and walk away. He came to our home and followed up until the problem was resolved. Recently I called on you to check on feasibility of a pool heater. I think the young man said Don was on vacation but would be back the following week. The guy asked if I could send a picture via e-mail of the area where the pump resides to see if there was enough space.  After sending the picture, two guys came and confirmed it was possible. The quote came in the mail in about a week. Once I called to accept the offer, they arrived the next day to level the surface for the heater and the following day they installed the heater. Being home alone in the day time, it means alot to not have to worry about strangers doing work around here. I am comfortable with them here and I go about my business in the house while they do their work. They knocked on the door when they were done each day, gave me the status and then on their way. I look forward to having them open the pool the end of April or first week of May and hopefully explain to me how to maintain the pool. Jim used to do this, but now that I am retired, I am “trying” to help.
Last, I appreciate the friendly conversation when I call the office.
My only complaint is very small, at times the guys call me Debbie and my name is Deb!
We look forward to being your customer & will tell our friends who to go to for great pool service.
Jim & Deb G.


As much as our spa purchase isn't complete just yet, I just wanted to drop a line to tell you how impressed I have been to this point.  When I sent my original email via the website, I wasn't sure what to expect.  I didn't know how long it would be before hearing from someone, or even IF I would hear something.

Working with you has been an extremely positive experience and I appreciate that.



Don and Leslie are wonderful people to work with. They treat you like you are the only customer they have. I have been with them for over 15 years now, and I wouldn't want to work with anyone else. I feel confident when I call them with a question and they are always courteous and patient. I love the fact that they will deliver chemicals directly to my home and service is always done with a smile. I hope to do business with them for as long as my pool is in operation.

Tricia P.

Don & Leslie,

Thank you for being my pool supplier. I really appreciate having the pool chemicals delivered to my home.  The poolside water testing is great, also.  Congratulations on the start of your fourth season in you own pool business.

Grace W.

Dear Don and Leslie,

Pat and I can't thank you enough for the great job you did for us last year. As you know we battled with another pool company until late June. There was something wrong with our pool and they just couldn't seem to bring themselves over to our house to help us. We took in numerous samples and spent an unbelievable amount of money on chemicals to no avail. Then John Crawford from Associated Resurfacing suggested we call you. You were attentive and you didn't give up until you had our water clear and ready to go for the remaining summer. Each time we needed you, there was no hesitation from you to come to our home and test, then service our pool. What a wonderful convenient service to provide everything you need in your van for your customers needs. When it came time to closing our pool Don Jr. completed the job with swiftness and care. We can't wait to work with you again this upcoming summer and many more to come.

Sincerely, Pat & Kim M.

Thank you for getting us going on our first season with our pool, for the savings on the chemicals, and the great service. See you soon with a water test at the store.

Dave & Linda S.

Dear Don & Leslie,

I would like to thank you for the great service that you provided to me in 2006. Your mobile chemical analysis and supple truck really saved the day for me when I accidentally sprayed lawn herbicide into my pool water. I am sure that I would have had to drain and scrub the pool without your help.

I look forward to using the services and chemicals from D & L Pools in 2007.

Tom B.


Don and Leslie,

Thank you so much for all of your help throughout the years. We are proud to be your customers because of the experience and service that we have always received from you. When something goes wrong, we don't even know what equipment we have, but you do. Then, you always come right out to our house, even if we're not at home, and "fix" the problem. A couple of years ago when our pool walls fell in during the winter, you were invaluable to us. You provided our insurance company with all of the chemicals we had purchased as well as the equipment we had purchased to prove it was a viable claim. You can't replace all of your years of experience and your friendly attitudes with any of the other companies in town. Thank you for being our pool specialists as well as our friends!

Thanks, Dan & Dianne H.


Don and Leslie,

We would like to say thank you for your outstanding services you have provided to us over the past year. Although we did not purchase our pool from you, when we heard you were opening your business we were very happy that we could finally get some good service because of your reputation.

When we first walked through your door we were treated like family instead of just a customer, with your warm smiles an great personality, unlike most of the mega-stores. You listen to our problems and provide us with the supplies needed to fix the problems. You have even come to our pool site to lend your expertise and give us advice on maintaining our pool, which we greatly appreciate.

We have recommended you to everyone we know that are wanting to purchase a pool or are in need of services and will continue to do so.

Thank you again for a great year, and we are looking forward to seeing you in the spring!

Jack & Jenise E.


Dear Don and Leslie,

Rick and I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for all your help last year with our pool. Seems like we get busier and the pool gets bigger every year. It's sure nice to have someone you can depend on help us keep the pool in great shape. It was another busy summer for us, so we really appreciated your "Our Store to your Door!" Most of all we really appreciate how friendly you are when we call or stop in -seems like friendliness and good customer service are getting more and more difficult to find! We also can't thank Don enough for going so above and beyond the call of duty last summer when bright and early the Saturday morning we were going to have one of our biggest pool parties of the year the pump went out! We just couldn't believe it - what was the chance?! Don located a new pump for us and had it installed in plenty of time - thank you so much! We're looking forward to another great pool year and thank you again for everything!

Sincerely, Rick & Emma V.


We appreciate all the help with our pool!

Don & Deb F.


Dear Don & Leslie,

We have greatly appreciated the knowledge and experience regarding pool care that you have shared with us over the years. During your years at D & J Pool Supply, you always provided friendly service along with the necessary knowledge to care for and maintain our family pool. In addition, you have always provided us with information on both the "tried and true" chemical treatments, and also, the newest, most up-to-date chemical treatment methods. Your experience in troubleshooting problems ranging from mechanical issues to chemical imbalances has saved us countless hours and lots of money. With your opening of D&L Pools, Inc. we knew immediately that we would be changing our pool supply store, so that we could continue to experience the same friendly service with the knowledge and expertise we have become accustomed to. We have also enjoyed your added service of free home delivery. This is a great time and money saver for us. We get to spend even more time enjoying our summer by the pool side.

Thank you, Rob & Cindy L.


Dear Don and Leslie,

Mike and I have followed you throughout the years because of the personal service you provide. All our questions about pool maintenance are answered thoroughly and completed. You are kind enough to write everything out for us to follow. You always have a solution that works. We were very happy with the installation of a replacement filter this past summer. You accomplished the job while we were on vacation without any problems. It was nice to come home to a clear running pool. Mike and I have not taken advantage of the weekly chemical delivery, but think it's a great service. When Mike isn't running to Peoria every day, we will probably take advantage of it. You know this is coming - Sure would like a corner brush for this upcoming pool season

Thanks for all your help over the past 20+ years!

Mike & Barb R.




To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to recommend D & L Pools, Inc. I have been very pleased with the services provided by D & L Pools. I particularly enjoy the fact that they are mobile and come right to your home to help you straighten out problems with your pool. With other businesses specializing in pools, you have to drive there to take in a sample, wait to have it analyzed, then wait for someone to read the analysis, then wait to get your supplies, then drive home and put in the required chemicals yourself. With D & L, all I do is call and Don comes to me. He looks at my pool, takes and analyzes a water sample right there and then using his mobile unit, and can provide me with what I need to alleviate any problems right on the spot. It is a real time saver and helps to have him right there to actually see what the water looks like so I don't need to describe it or wait to take a sample somewhere across town. I feel that I have received exemplary assistance and my pool has never been in better shape throughout the season, thanks to D & L. I would recommend them to anyone who has a pool and wants it to be well maintained with a minimum of time required to keep it that way.

Sincerely, Bonnie S.


Thank you and great job. The new liner looks fantastic. The grandkids loved it on the 4th.

Linda & Terry


Don & Leslie,

Thanks for all your help with our pool problems. Looks like we’re finally on target. Thanks Don for the house call. Keep up the good work.

John & Cheri W.


You have always been very accommodating as to what we should do when the pool is taking a big dive. You deliver products to our home the same day we call. You have had your serviceman come out and help us with a pool problem when we cannot solve it ourselves. You, with your many years of expertise, help us to run our pool the most economically way we can. Your business which is family owned and managed is always willing to help the public in any way they can.

 Pat & Jim S.



Thank you, Don and Leslie, for the terrific job installing our pool liner. Your prompt response to our call was greatly appreciated! It was so refreshing to work with you-reliable for appointments, service needs, and especially for standing behind the quality of your work. The many years of experience you bring to your customers are extremely valuable. We will enthusiastically refer our friends and neighbors to D and L! Hope you enjoyed your winter travels!

Sincerely, Ed & Joanne


Dear Leslie and Don,

I am pleased to provide this correspondence to recognize and praise D and L pools, but more than that, I am proud to have Leslie and Don as friends. But not only are they the best pool people in Peoria, with a 35 year history of experience and service in Central Illinois, Don and Leslie are congenial and cooperative. D and L makes pool maintenance much easier because they offer complete pool service; with their background in the business, they are problem solvers and experts. It takes a professional family to own and maintain a pool and I think the Danleys are the best pool professionals in the Peoria area. Good luck, Leslie and Don, for a great year!

Fondly, Michael & J.D.



Don & Leslie,

Thank you for the donations of the rafts and floats. We really appreciate all of the support for St. Jude.

Joliee & Jody M.


We have done business with Don & Leslie Danley for over the past 20 years. Over these years Don & Leslie have helped us with problems we have encountered with our pools, both above and in-ground. Don & Leslie have shown us the utmost courteous respect and professionalism we have seen from any business we have ever had dealings with. They have gone “above and beyond” on many occasions to assist us with frustrating problems with our pool, and everyone with a pool knows how that can be. Over these past years we have actually developed a trusting relationship with and recommended them to others. Since they opened their new business, they have provided a service that is innovative to this area, delivery. It is a great concept which helps us, since we do not have to take the time to pick-up our supplies. When they make the deliver they can see firsthand what the water conditions look like and test the water while they are onsite to determine the next step for maintenance. We currently live 2 miles for a pool and spa dealer, but we still prefer to take our business where we know that they are not just performing a trial and error on what to do next. We would recommend D & L Pools to anyone that is new to pools or a seasoned veteran.

Best wishes, John & Barb M.


Thank you so much for going above and beyond with our pool. Could not have done it without you and the price was just unbeatable.

Pam & Dale N.


Thanks for all your help. The pool is clear and beautiful.

Lori & Dean R.


D & L Pools,

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done. Your company and employees were very helpful and quick to respond to my needs. I will be sure to call again for your service.

Lora J.


Don & Leslie,

Thank you so much for all the help you gave us while installing our pool. We are grateful for your time and expertise and your willingness to help. You are great people and good friends.

Barry & Diane A.


My pool’s finally closed for the season! Yeah! The water was beautiful and the new liner looks great! I’ll be calling in the spring to stock up on chemicals.

Tricia P.


Don and Leslie,

I recently took the trip to Hanna City to check out the pool place there. I was looking for a new place since the place I had dealt with for a very probably years or more failed to do what they promised costing me in time and money. It was actually someone from the family at that store that told me who owned this store. As soon as I went in Leslie remembered my face, where I had lived and almost had the name after 20 years. When they left that store we had no idea they were gone and not working in the back scenes of the store we had been going to. Don and Leslie are the reasons we patronized that store before. I learned what happened and then I got a bad deal from the store. I vowed then to be sure they never saw another penny of my money again. That left me with the dilemma of where to go for my pool supplies. I felt great once I entered the store and we began talking. It was the first store I visited to look for a new pool equipment supplier. I left knowing my hunt was over. I had no reason to look anywhere else. I'm so glad the other store directed me to you. I am thrilled I have found you again.

Len & Becky B.


Thanks – you guys are the best!

Del & Mary


You two have really been a blessing for me. I’m glad you chose to deliver chemicals and test water at poolside. It has made getting chemicals so much easier.

Grace W.


We want to thank you for your donation for our St. Jude Ride. We couldn’t have done it without your support.

Wayne & Jackie W.

Just a note to say thank you very much for working with Randy and me on our pool issues.  Unforuntately, we have had a couple of horrific experiences which have made any work on our pool extremely anxiety producing, to say the least!  Everyone at D & L has been so professional and courteous to work with, and honest!  We appreciate it very much and appreciate your excellent work.  All referrals to to D & L :)!!
Carol P.

Thanks for treating my pool and being so loyal and friendly.  Thanks to Gary for his thorough vacuuming and is so kind
Julia C

In May of this year (2010), when we bought our current home a pool came with it.  When home shopping, I would deduct $5,000 whenever a house had any type of pool!! I figured they were lots of work and very expensive for limited enjoyment in central Illinois.  I would still have that opinion if I had not been directed to D & L Pools.  Our family would be classified as pool "newbies" and needed lots of attention this year.  On top of this, my mother passed away and I was already very busy with life in general.  I was so happy that I had Don, Leslie and staff watching out for our pool.  Thank you for taking this newbie under your wing and helping me to understand our "inherited" pool and actually enjoy it instead of fighting it during our first year!! I am not a fan of chemicals and they have shown me a way to have a healthy pool without all the "balancing act" that is required when you try to do it yourself. 
Bless you and your staff and keep up the great work!!
Sherri B

I recently purchased a 33' Barrier Reef pool from D & L Pools.  I dealt with Jim Jackman and I have to tell you he is one of the nicest and most professional people I have ever dealt with.  This comes from someone who was a salesperson for a large international company (Toshiba) and also owned my own business for several years.  I have truly dealt with a lot of people.
While we had a couple of hiccups these were due to no fault of D & L Pools or Jim.  Jim always responded quickly and had my (and my family's) best interest at heart.  He went out of his way on more than one occasion to make my project go as smoothly as possible.  You certainly have the right person in that position.
I would again like to thank Jim and your company, our pool is in and we love it.
Todd, Lisa, Travis & Mason G.