Ray Beasley

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Name:  Raymond V Beasley
Position:  Service Tech
Born:  1980
Education: Graduate of Thomas W. Kelly High School 1998
                    2 years Auto Collision Repair at Siekston VoTech
Interesting Facts:
     -  Worked in the constuction field my whole life and seen almost all of this great country that we live in.
     -   I have a soon to be wife Angela Richards and two wonderful children Niya 10 and Ayden 5.
     -  2017 will be my 7th year happly serving the pool needs of the Peoria area.
The most enjoyable part of my job:  Working in a company who strives for the best and fellow employees who do the same. Leaving a completed job knowing that we have made a difference in there summer for the better. And working with people who you call family make my job with D&L the best I have ever had.
Hobbies: Spending time with my family is always number one. Working on my home or having as much fun as I can with my family and freiends are the only hobbies I really like doing.
Interests: Nascar, atv racing, fishing.