Fiberglass Pools

D & L Pools uses two different companies for our fiberglass inground pools.  This allows us to have a broad range of designs to fit almost any need. 





Thursday Pools set the standard in fiberglass pool construction.  

Our inground fiberglass pool shells are constructed with the highest quality materials.

Our quality is based on systems, and we have developed multiple methods to guarantee the quality of our masterpiece pools. We have strict systems, which control each step of the build process from incoming raw materials, equipment set-up, material application, and loading and shipping. As with any system, we are looking for continuous improvement because it’s part of our company culture. We are currently working to obtain the ISO 9000-2008 certification.



Highly Trained Team

Each team member has been mentored and trained in the proper techniques to build a pool with the highest quality results. Integrity, honesty, and mutual respect guide the team every day.

Quality Design

Our inground fiberglass swimming pools are designed using the latest computer technology and time-proven specifications and techniques. We comply with the AMSI/NSPI-5 pool design requirements.

Precision Built Pool Molds

Our molds are constructed using steel versus wood supporting structures, which provides the highest structural integrity of the mold. Laser alignment and measurements are utilized throughout the construction of each mold, guaranteeing accuracy. This is the backbone for producing a pool that has dimensional integrity every time.

Highest Quality Raw Materials

Thursday Pools are fiberglass pool manufacturers that use the very best raw materials. Our gel coats, resins, fiberglass and structural cores are from the best suppliers in the industry. Thursday Pools Design and Quality departments have tested and approved each supplier because of the excellent materials, not because of low cost.


  1. We utilize laser alignment equipment in mold construction.
  2. Infrared thermo imaging is used to measure the exothermic reaction of each layer of resin/fiberglass applied.
  3. Ultrasonic measurement is used to measure the thickness of each pool produced in 20 locations.
  4. Load cell is used to measure the weight of each pool produced.

Our inground fiberglass pool shells are constructed of the highest quality materials.


Environmentally-friendly pool construction

Thursday Pools production facility is environmentally controlled, reducing variables in the process and guaranteeing quality. Thursday Pools has in place all appropriate regulatory permits and compliance programs.  Thursday Pools actively promotes the most efficient use of all natural resources and employs the manufacturing processes and systems to provide the smallest environmental footprint.

Purchasing the Best Raw Materials

We utilize the best raw materials that reduce our environmental footprint. Our latest achievement has been partnering with Owens Corning and implementing the Advantex® E-CR glass. This is fiberglass that is produced in North America and is Boron-free. Advantex® uses less energy to manufacture and ship.

Inground Fiberglass Swimming Pool Shells

By purchasing a one-piece fiberglass pool, you have a smaller environmental footprint than vinyl liner or gunite pools.

  • No vinyl liners in landfills.
  • No acid washing or resurfacing necessary as with gunite pools.
  • Fewer chemicals used to maintain pool water chemistry.

Title V Air Permit

Thursday Pools works with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) to maintain a Title V air permit that minimizes the environmental exposure by the following:

  • The use of all Low HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutants) for all of the gel coats and resins.
  • The use of all Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) for all of our release agents and solvents used in the manufacturing process.
  • Control equipment to eliminate the generation of all PM (Particulate Matter).

Minimal Waste Program

Thursday Pools employees implement practices in the manufacturing process to minimize the generation of PM and VOC’s by using the state-of-the-art equipment and procedures.

  • All resin spray equipment is non-atomizing.
  • Low pressure on all equipment pumps.
  • HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) spray guns are used for all solvents and release agents.

Recycling Program

Thursday Pools fiberglass pool manufacturers have created and implemented a company-wide program in the United States and Canada. This program includes all production waste up to and including light bulbs and batteries.





   Fiberglass swimming pool manufacturer Leisure Pools, is one of the largest in the World. Leisure Pools has developed the United States’ most experienced fiberglass swimming pool dealer network where we install quality fiberglass in ground swimming pools, fiberglass plunge pools, fiberglass lap pools and water features throughout the country. Extensive market research combined with the industry’s most experienced fiberglass pool designers has enabled Leisure Pools to develop the most architecturally modern and innovative range of pools available at competitive prices that will suit any family and budget.


Key advantages of buying a pool from us: