Andrew Tomlinson

Name: Andrew Scott Tomlinson


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Born: 02/28/1992


Position: Sales Representative



I was a pool maintenance hand for a summer at the Maple Lane Country Club in Elmwood for 2 summers maintaning pool sanitaion and water qualities. Previous experience cleaning a commercial grade D.E. filter system. I have worked for D&L Pools as a sales associate for over a year now, as well as having experience testing water and recommending chemicals for water treatment.


About Me/Family:

I am the oldest of six siblings, 3 brothers and 2 sisters. My original career goal was set on being an Electrical Engineer, but I am now currently persuing a degree in Physical Therapy. Love dogs.



I love being outdoors. I like to fish, if I get the chance. I also love exercising, eating lots of food, and enjoying the company of my friends and family.